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Assignment # 1 Reflection

I unfortunately did not get an image of my assignment or any of my classmates’, but I did enjoy the critique- I am a very big fan of constructive criticism of my artwork as I am constantly looking to improve. I liked seeing what my classmates had come up with, the talent in this room is awesome to see. Drawing from life is something that I don’t do often- as a graphic design transfer student who took Drawing 1 about three years ago, it’s a skill I haven’t visited in quite some time as the work I personally do draws from life but is heavily stylized. This assignment was a challenge for me and I really hope to improve greatly by the end of the semester.

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Critique Reflection

I really enjoyed this project. I love to experiment with mixed media, and the pressure being off of me for things to be technically perfect was great. My personal illustrations are usually some combination of watercolor and colored pencil, with splashes of ink and colors all around. I took that into my drawing of the horses, which were my own personal style.

Assignment 8 Reflection

I’m a little confused…I guess I need to find a blend between heavy contrast in shading that I’ve been trying out and the super soft, midtone-heavy way that I used to shade. I agree with the criticisms that everything is starting to blend together, so I’ve been working on that. My base drawings (the contour before the shading) are starting to improve because I’ve been working at it so the overall drawings are looking more realistic. It’s nice to be able to log my improvement like that. There were a few drawings at critique that amazed me, especially a gorgeous drawing of a coffee machine. Those are the drawings I try and study to figure out how they did the range of tones.

Assignment 7 Reflection

I’ve been working hard on getting more of a contrast in my range of values, and it started to show on this project- I am starting to feel like there is a good sense of depth to my drawings. I do still have to work on the base drawing without the value, as it isn’t always the best- I have a very strong personal style that is very cartoon-y and it is hard to shake when drawing from life. I didn’t use as much of the paper as my classmates; I noticed that my drawing was very small compared to most, as most of them filled the entire paper. I now know this is something to work on. It was even brought up in critique- I will work on using space better.

Assignment #6 Reflection

I enjoyed the small object study, again, because I love shading and value. After the critique, I became aware that I picked just about the hardest object in the room and that was a regret…I wonder how it would have went if I had picked something less flat. I am not a big fan of the cross hatching value instead of smooth shading, it looks messy to me, but some of my classmates did some really good things with it. In particular, I felt the nail polish bottle was gorgeous in that it had a soft quality which fit the object being drawn. It was a nice critique.

Midterm Critique Reflection

I really, really enjoy shading and value- I’ve been told by a few professors during my (transfer credit-ridden) college career that my brain works more like a painter than an illustrator, even though I generally illustrate. My perspective has gotten a lot better, and the effect I was going for translated onto the paper, as mentioned in critique. I could have been a lot stronger with my contrast, but super dark values have always scared me and I’m trying to overcome it. Our brains like contrast! Looking at the effect my classmates create using super dark values helps a lot, it gives me a visual and something to work toward. Overall, the midterm assignment was a little bit stressful and I have my regrets but at least I can say I’m making improvements.

Assignment #4 reflection

My experience with this assignment was not good…I made a mistake along the way. I was confused as to what was considered two point perspective, and instead ended up doing one point accidentally. Perspective is not my strong area, though class has been helping. I was very embarrassed during critique because of this but I’m going to keep moving and improving. As an artist, that is something I must keep at. As always, I want to rise to the level of my classmates, who are wonderful.

Assignment #3 Reflection

This assignment was a challenge for me. As I’ve mentioned before, I draw in a style that almost never requires me to challenge myself with perspective. It’s always good to be able to try and break that barrier and grow as an artist. I wish I would have had more time to do this assignment, however. I had just a few hours to spare in between work and projects for other classes and it showed. I chose my short hallway, and some elements translated well, but for some reason I forgot some of the rules of one point perspective and it threw some parts of my drawing off. Some of my classmates are amazing at one-point as I saw during critique, with stunning strange angles that somehow worked. I will find more time to draw Assignment #4 and hopefully match them.

Assignment #2 Reflection

Perspective has always been tough for me, as I tend to illustrate in a very 2D way- I’ve never really had to learn it. To give myself a challenge, I chose to try and draw a chair/storage bins in perspective, which only half worked. I have a long way to go! I did take the constructive criticism into account though, which should definitely help me out. Organizational lines are something I’ve been doing for awhile, but didn’t have a term for. I’m glad we’re exploring these, as they are super helpful, as well as gesture. Overall, I think this was a good assignment and a good critique. My classmates’ work was great.

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